Vehicle sourcing

Auto Asset is built on

four core principles.

  • A huge passion for cars

  • Flawless customer service

  • Simplicity of use

  • To make having a new car nothing but fun again

Auto Asset are here to ensure the client is put first every time.

What makes Auto Asset different is that we ensure we get to know our clients.

This is so we are able to meet both your needs and wants in your new car. We understand that there is a huge difference between needs and wants.

By understanding what you need from your new car (such as being easy to park in todays congested cities, being useful for personal hobbies, providing extra space and seats for larger families) combined with knowing what you want within your car (gadgets or a little extra power) we’re are able to make recommendations on which vehicles will tick all of your boxes.

With no ties to a manufacturer, Auto Asset are able to offer a completely unbiased vehicle sourcing service.

Our passion is cars, our experience is quality service and our target is to ensure as a client you come back again and again.
  • We offer a vehicle sourcing service that makes buying both new and used cars simple and enjoyable. I personally have over 9 years experience in both the automotive and hospitality industries, I know exactly what perfect customer services means, and understand that every customer has their own requirements.

    Christopher Jones Founder
Any car, anywhere

Whatever the car you are looking for, we will get you behind the wheel.

The personal touch

We will ensure we get to know your every need and desire from your new vehicle.

Stress Free

We believe car buying should be fun, not hours of trawling around showrooms dealing with pushy salesmen.

What about the cost?

There is no cost for sourcing the car.